Every plan is a work of art.

No two pieces of art are alike. Even if they look similar, there are unique elements and subtle properties that make each creation one of a kind.

The same is true for financial plans. While many of them might look alike on the surface — with similar approaches and themes — there are always slight variations and delicate differences that reflect the personality, vision and aesthetic of the client.

At Apple Tree Lane, each of our financial life plans is customized and created by an advisor with an artistic mind and keen financial understanding working with clients who are willing to cultivate their idea of a brilliant future.

A rare combination of skills.

Amy Nelson offers her clients a genuinely rare combination of skills. She has a Master of Fine Arts and spent more than two decades as a textile artist in New York. She has owned successful businesses, raised a child and is a competitive tennis player. She brings her financial acumen and extraordinary way of looking at life to each of her clients, enabling them to prepare not only for a rewarding financial future but for the life experience they’ve always imagined.

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